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Product NameCore Shooting Machines
Applied to wach materialcasting, metal parts, profiles etc
Applicable industrymachinery, foundry, forging, mechanical and steel industry
functionproduction sand  mould
Voltage380V/50HZ or 220V/60HZWarrantyOne year
PowerElectricityCertificateCE, ISO 9001
ModelZ95 seriesPLCSiemens,Omron
ProductivityCustomizedLow voltageSchneider
Cleaning methodAutomaticElectrical control systemAuto-detection, auto-alarm and auto-cutout.
Material Metal/coilOriginShangdong, China
Cleaning materialShot steel/shot grit/wire cut etcAfter-sales serviceEngineers available to service machinery
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-Through heating phenolic resin coated sand poducion of shell core or core, the efficiency is high.with sand province,less gas.

-PLC program control LCD screen parameter setting, process display, fault diagnosis; manual /automatic /point contol, automatic digital temperature control.

-Two control procedures were the production of shell core or core, namely the template flip 180 spare shell core 

sand production, do not flip to solid core.

-High frequency quenching plating hard grid rail, long service life; rotating hydraulic cylinder buffer and flip stable and no vibration, slip ring connection withoul winding.

-The core is the mold core, after opening the movable mold forward 90 top core connected core car core, or over 90 mold core etc. Models of single, double mode models Z95s double mode models at the same time to complete two sets of mold production, and mold side pumping function block.

-We guarantee each piece of our products have perfect appearance, positive power performance, and without quality hidden trouble.


 Application:  Aplies to vetical parting mold, through heating phenolic resin coated sand poducion of shell core or core, the efficiency is high.with sand province,less gas.

Qingdao Dongheng Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd., is a professional foundry casting equipment manufacturers, Located in the Lingang Industrial Park, Huangdao District of Qingdao City, here is the manufacturing base, complete industry categories, mechanical and electrical supporting the environment and strategic location, land and sea air transportation facilities.

Southern Cross Harbor Tunnel through the Qingdao Railway Station, north cross-sea bridge in-line near Qingdao Airport.Foundry Machinery Co.,Ltd. Qingdao Dongheng the existing staff of about"! 00 people, covering an area of nearly 40 acres, plant area of over 10,000 square meters, is a collection of scientific research, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning and technical advice as one of modern integrated machinery business.

Production of resin sand casting line, clay sand reclamation complete sets of equipment; V-process casting line, EPC modeling equipment; sand & shot blasting equipment; core shell machinery, core shooting machine, molding machine.

Complete sets of automatic molding line environmental protection equipment for casting enterprises to provide a full range of pre and post sales services.


Qingdao Dongheng Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. research strength is strong, long-term friendly relations of cooperation with major domestic research institutes, such as a hospital in Bengbu, Shanghai nine homes, Shenyang Institute of Electrical and the Luoyang four of Hospitals, Zhengzhou six homes, always keep up with the latest technology in the industry to comply with the "quality first, customer first" service approach, with new product design, development, prototype, debug capabilities, business, and technical staff time and up close, the user needs profound practical experience, each product an improvement are for user convenience, the interests of users. The spirit of "scientific, rigorous and efficient" style of work in the shortest possible time in accordance with the requirements to provide users with the best technical solutions, and delivery in the shortest period quality. Through a wide range of technical exchanges and cooperation, the introduction of foreign advanced technologies that will make my company's products to reach the domestic advanced level.The sand casting, molding line, shot blasting various aspects of senior experts in leading technology work, the experts have a wealth of experience and high technology of the industry, our company's product quality and technical content are at the forefront of the industry .



1.How many days do you need to produce this machine?

--This is our standard machine and we have some  in stock,can be delivered right now after 

your deposit.

2.What does your factory do regarding quality control?

--We pay much more importance to quality from the very beginning to the end of production,

Every machine will be fully assembled and carefully tested before shipment.

3.What’s your machine quality guarantee?

--Quality guarantee time is one year,We choose world famous brand components to keep our machine in perfect working condition.

4.Are you able to give installation and commissioning overseas?How long will it takes?

--Yes,we supply overseas service ,but customers needs to pay for the engineers fight tickets and hotel,food .Small machine usually takes about 20 days.

5.How can I trust you to delivery the right machine as I ordered?

--We will absolutely deliver a good quality machine as we discussed and confirmed in the order.The core of our company culture is innovation,quality,integrity and efficiency. 

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