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For users of shot-blasting technology (surface technology), we are offering sophisticated and efficient long-term solutions as well as comprehensive service features. These include new shot blast machines, also as custom solution. Used blasting machines can be adapted to specific solutions and therefore production bottlenecks and delivery times can be overcome. Our service includes spare and wear parts as well as repair and maintenance work on blasting machines of many manufacturers.

Our employees have been working in the field of blasting technology for many years, some for several decades. Take advantage of our experience.

We are continually developing our range of shot blasting machines. Up to completely new types, such as the Ricochet-blaster for pre-blasting castings.

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Your personal distributor

DONGHENG shot-blasting machines are found worldwide and we have established a large network of distributors and representatives. Talk to us – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our clients

We are an appealing, family-owned business in the field of surface technology.


Complete support for your surface finishing equipment  from one source

To uphold the high-quality demands of the market, it is essential to provide our customers with consistent results. We achieve this by providing spare parts, regular maintenance and expert advice. Contact our Rosler service experts today to avoid increased wear and tear and minimize machine down-time.

“Service” is not an empty promise for Rösler. Technical consultation, efficient work and reliable customer service, characterize our notion of service. “Finding a better way” is not just a slogan to us, but an obligation to our customers.

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