Welcome to DONGHENG!

Qingdao Dongheng Foundry Machinery Co., LTD. is located in the west coast of Qingdao which has beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The company is one of the industrial entities with scientific research, development, production, management, CE certificate and passed ISO9001-2000GB quality management system certification.

The company introduced advanced production technology and equipment, the use of advanced management mode, with a high-quality workforce, a number of professional senior engineer, has a good scientific research base, experimental conditions and production base.

Products include steel shot blasting machine, steel shot blasting machine, catenary shot blasting machine, punching press machine, core shooting machine and sand molding line etc., all using CAD computer-aided design, casting industry is the full range, high technological content, high production and technology development center.

The blasting technology characterized by intelligent design, innovative features, and durable, long-lasting components. Shot blasting technology machine program includes systems for precise pressurized air blasting, as well as blasting with highly efficient turbines.

The company mainly produces surface cleaning machinery, sand processing casting equipment, modeling core equipment, environmental protection dust removal equipment and production of high, chromium content wearing parts.

Our Mission

  • 01We are an appealing, family-owned business in the field of surface technology.

  • 02"Making the better tomorrow..." drives us forward.

  • 03We put long-term and sustainable thinking ahead of the short-term pursuit of profit.

Our Factory